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  Dear Roger and Robin,

Just wanted to say thank you for a great clinic last weekend. Since this was my first experience with your program, and my first trip off the farm with my yearling, I really did not know what to expect. I learned so much from not only working with you on my own horse, but also from watching the other participants work with their horses. You are a gifted horse woman and I think your assessment of Reggie was very insightful. I now realize that behavior that I previously ignored or thought was cute, is actually behavior which is unacceptable as he grows and becomes stronger. We have already begun to work with the tools you gave us, and I am learning to set clear boundaries and be more consistent in my expectations. My eyes were opened last weekend thanks to you! I look forward to coming back down to work with you. Your Yearling Head Start Program is extremely well run and is a great opportunity for learning how to make those early years a solid foundation for both horse and rider.

Thank you so much!
Karen Schwartz
“Robin’s  clinic was worth every cent; what I learned in one session will last a lifetime. Her abilities were amazing, and her way with horses and humans was very refreshing. It’s very hard to find someone that is as good at communicating with the human component of the team as they are with the horse and make it enjoyable.  
Knowledge is empowering and builds confidence; Robin provided me knowledge and tools to be able to continue working with my horses at home. In one session she has not only taught me about the philosophy of communication and body language but perhaps even more importantly given me the confidence that I can do this! I encourage everyone to attend Robins clinics.”

Stephen & Stephanie Lubbers
I just wanted to say again how impressed and pleased I am with Declan's progress-and I must admit relieved!! He's such a super stallion prospect but not if I can't comfortably and safely handle him day to day.  Now I know I can due to your training.  I worked with Emma (my 2 year old filly) today and used some of the techniques you showed us in the clinic and she responded very quickly and did great.  She is the exact opposite of Declan-super quick to react to any cue and a little shy/nervous.   It felt good to make steady progress working with her today.  I really got a lot out of the clinic that I know I can use in ground work with the babies and my older horses.  I liked the fact that it didn't matter where your youngster was headed-english or western the same techniques can be used and modified for their personalities to get a well behaved horse.  The step by step approach made it clear for me to follow and remember.  It was definitely one of the best clinics I've been to.  Again I can't tell you how much I appreciate your training and Roger's.  I'm definitely looking forward to having y'all work with my other youngsters and getting Declan going under saddle when he's old enough.  I can't wait for the next clinic that I can get to!

Jennifer Dunlap, DVM
Sommerville, Tennessee

(ADDED NOTE:  Declan is a two year old Irish Draft stud)


I went to a farm to look at a two-year-old that's out of a world champion producing APHA stallion and an APHA Superior pleasure mare.  A lot of TLC was needed.  I almost passed her up, but figured I had the time and the resources to maybe change her life so I brought her home.  Your Get Ready To Ride program has been tremendously successful with her.  I'm doing things how you showed me, and it's given her confidence and a great foundation so she feels safe.

Michelle Steigmeyer

I bought this mare at a sale for $600 as my trail horse. But,when I got her home, I soon discovered why she was sold. At the lope, she changed leads in the back every other step and threw in some nice bucks in between. I thought she was a throw away. Which was a shame, because I love her to death and she is bred very well. Took her down to Robin Gollehon's clinics. Rather than seeing her as a throw way because of the difficulty she presented; Robin saw her as a puzzle to be solved. First, we made sure no farrier, chiropractic or vet issue caused her issues at the lope. Then, Robin gave me a "training strategy" to employ at home. I had a hectic summer, so very little riding time. But in the the dozen or so rides I put on the mare, I managed to get this result using Robin's strategy. I am in the pink/red tank top before attending Robin's clinic, and the green one after her clinic and a dozen or so rides. I now have a horse I thoroughly enjoy riding!!!! To find about Robin's clinics, I urge you to visit her website.  ~ Karen Lobring, Edinburgh, Indiana
  Just wanted to let you know how much coming to your clinic helped out! We (Josh and I) took Dirt to his first show last weekend. He was in the top three all weekend long! He is still skinnier than I like, and is smaller than the other yearlings since he is such a late baby, so the days that he got third it was conformation that killed him. What we were both pleas ed and surprised by was how broke he was! He was shown against horses that have been out all year, shown as weanlings, etc., and he was by far the most steady of them all; a true gentleman.... I was so proud!

Not that you don't know it already, but this is just further proof that your methods really do work. Just wanted to thank you for the help, well and to brag a little!

Hope all is well!

Jennifer Ross
  Robin and Roger,

Just want to thank you for a great day on Saturday. It was truly a pleasure to ride Annie. I can only hope I will have one like her one day!
As usual your open friendly way of dealing with people made me feel comfortable. I learned a lot and have conveyed my respect and praise for your training program to many others.

I will be in touch,
Debbie Lubrano
Villa Hills, Kentucky

Good Morning Roger & Robin,

I just wanted to take the time this morning to drop you an e-mail and let you know again how much we appreciated the opportunity to attend one of your clinics.  There was so much information to absorb that I think all of our brains were busting on the way home because we were trying to process it all!  The girls (Morgan and Emma) had a great time.  Morgan told us on the way home that next time there is a clinic that we can attend - she was definitely bringing her horse!!

Thanks for the hospitality and the opportunity to learn from a true professional!  You all are great!!

I will be in touch soon to discuss bringing Morgan and her horse=2 0up for some one on one!

The Neighbors
Gordy, Robin and Morgan

  Robin & Roger,

Hello and good morning from Notre Dame! I want you both to know how much your clinic this past weekend meant to me. After a long time of frustration and all kinds of trainers giving me their advice, I finally had a real "moment" of clarity and things clicked in the saddle under your wonderful and kind guidance.

Wow. If you would have told me last week that I would be loping off my horse AND with no reins AND closing my eyes, I would have told you that you were crazy! I still think a lot had to do with my incredibly kind and tolerant horse, but I know now that I have the skills to move forward. I am going to go through that exact routine every time I ride now and I am confident that it will give me the same results!! Can't wait to try again, but I will let Sani rest today because we did not pull in the drive to the barn until 1:30 am. So, it was a long day, but I smiled the entire way home just thinking of what I accomplished and of the new things that I learned.

Also, thanks for not making me feel like the "novice" that I am. One of the reasons this was hard for me was because I have always been successful at most anything I have tried, especially anything that required athletic ability (even the belly dancing! :) ) and when20this did not come as easily, I was very frustrated. Hm...amazing what a great trainer can do in 20 minutes....

You two are to be commended for your natural, gentle and humane way of training these beautiful animals. I loved what I saw you doing and will be singing your praises to everyone I know. As you could probably tell, I have a hard time with the way that some people interact or I should say DON'T interact with horses and all animals...by you giving them choices, it shows the respect that you have for them. VERY admirable.

Anyway, thanks again for your gracious hospitality...you have a fantastic facility and I can see why you love it and have been so successful. I am wishing you continued success and much happiness at Gollehon Show Horses.

Sharon Zens

Thank you for the longe line program.  It has worked on two different horses, with two different handlers.  The program is really effective when both the horse and the handlers are on the same page.  We were first and second this year in the non-pro divisions at the 2008 Just For Pleasure. 

Thanks for everything,

Mike and Marilu Alexander


We appreciate you including "us 'in your plans.  I will spread the word on  the FREE Clinics. You guys do such a nice job. Getting the horses broke and confident in themselves while maintaining elegance. This talent is a "gift". Sharing this with other horseman is awesome.  Thank you!! 

You guys take extra great care of your horses and are constantly putting your minds to use in the "Big picture".  I appreciate your wisdom and positive attitudes. 

My best ~Gordon Downey 
The Equine Chronicle


Truly Priceless
Sire: Only Blue Sky
Dam: Slew of Grace
Bred/Owned by Stephanie Moore Shown by Nancy Sue Ryan 2007 Southern Belle HUS LL Reserve Champion (tie)


I wanted to say thank you for the really good advice you gave me during our lessons. My yearling went to his very first horse show and was just so good, he listened to his cues and settled in extremely well and acted like he had been to shows all his life.. Your advice on whoaing, and space really helped.

Sure A Winner Farm

  Robin and Roger,
I am writing to once again thank you for the wonderful longe line clinics that you put on in the spring of 2006. I attended 3 of the 4 clinics and I learned a lot. I spoke with you at one of the clinics about retraining my 2 year old and your advice was to not retrain him but incorporate things I had learned into his training. That was excellent advice.
I took my 2 year old dun gelding to the KY IBHA show this past weekend and I was very pleased with his behavior. He had not been off the farm since last June and he is a pretty high energy horse so I was not sure what to expect. Your approach to longe line about being calm and keeping your horse calm works well with him and even though we did not win I was thrilled with how he behaved. I also was calmer while showing which is a big improvement for me as I get very nervous before and while showing. I even had a couple people comment on how calm and in control I looked in the show arena! I also showed Sparky in the halter classes to practice standing and patience and he did well with that also.
I am hoping to show my buckskin yearling gelding at the September shows. I have not spent the amount of time with him that I would have liked to but I am hoping to remedy that. He has a good start but we have a ways to go. I did take him to the show just to get him out and he had a few rough moments but we got through it.
I hope all is well with both of you and once again a sincere thanks,
Debbie Lubrano
Mike Alexander received a longe line for attending all the clinics in our winter series. The results of his first show are in...Congratulations to Mike on winning 1st out of 16 his first time out! 
  Hi Robin

I was able to attend one of your LL clinics in February and I thought I'd comment on how useful some of the advice was that you gave has been. Our mare had a nice colt this May and one thing I have been very adamant about is not standing to close to him to let him chew on me. I stand back by his hip and rub his back, and I really am not having too much trouble with the chewing thing. It did seem like simple common sense advice, but I probably wouldn't have thought of it had I not went to the clinic. I always think of how you said why stand there and tempt them, and that makes a lot of sense. Wish I could have made it down for more of your clinics, but other commitments and family came up. But anyway, just wanted to comment on how useful that advice has been, along with the rest of what you covered.

Wish you much luck with your show season-
Mandy Gerdeman
Aloha, 2006 APHA Gelding owned by Michelle Steigmeyer of Fort Wayne, Indiana 
Shown by Mike Carlson of Monticello, Indiana
Indiana Paint Horse Association Futurity Champion - Three firsts and one second out of 9
Indiana Paint Horse Association SSA Unanimous Futurity Champion - 4 firsts out of 14
Illinois Paint Horse Association Breeder's Futurity Reserve Champion out of 21
'At the clinic you told me he needed to be acclimated so I spent all summer taking him to shows.  By the time my trainer got him he acted like a seasoned veteran show horse.  I practiced your technique to get him to jog right next to me all summer!  By the time the futurities rolled around he was a pro.  A couple clucks and he'd pitter patter right next to me.  I looked straight ahead and walked slowly and he'd be jogging beside me.  I'm so proud of him!  I can't believe I have a horse like this in my pasture!

I know I'll be coming to more of your clinics. It's so great to meet other forum members and to watch other horses.'

One of our 2005 Longe Line stars who completed our "Yearling Head Start Get Ready To Ride" program making the transition to working under saddle a breeze.  Started by Cole Baker of Ocala, Florida he said, "The very first time I rode him he went off just like he did on the longe line.  He already knew how to move like a show horse... I just had to teach him the buttons.  He was aimed at the Reichert Slot class but got too big so we switched him to English." 
  • 2006 NSBA World Champion BCF Silver 2 Year Old Hunter Under Saddle
  •  BCF Gold 2 Year Old Hunter Under Saddle-3rd
  • Reichert Celebration 2 Year Old Hunter Under Saddle-4th


“Just got back and it was well worth the money. No I take that back…it paid for itself in the first ten minutes! Everything after that was bonus. Every farm, barn, riding instructor, 4-H leader, trainer and horse lover should have a video of instruction from the Gollehons and their Building Block System. Robin and Roger did a fantastic job of explaining and taking time to make their program clear and able to be applied to any level of horseman. From the basics of common sense to more advanced techniques of performance enhancement, this was a great clinic for anyone that attended. Thank you to Robin and Roger for taking the time to share your experience and expertise.”
~Michelle Steigmeyer Fort Wayne, Indiana.


“We talked all the way home about the seminar and have both practiced diligently since. I can’t wait to do the practice session each day and it’s so fun to see the difference in the yearlings from session to session. And it’s so easy! Robin and Roger have a great building block program and we’ll be using it’s pieces for years to come.”
~Wayne & Khris Fields

“Thanks for putting on such a nice clinic! I got so much out of it. My yearlings are already better. It will be so relieving to be able to wear clean white shirts at a horse show and not have my yearling all over me!”
~Erin Thacker, Martinsville, Indiana

“Thanks so much for putting on this clinic! It was truly a great experience and I can’t wait to start working with Parker and my other yearlings. I wouldn’t hesitate to take another trip down. Thanks again.”
~Jamie Van Linn, Neenah, Wisconsin

“My yearling is a changed horse in just two weeks! I keep pinching myself! Thanks again…participating in your clinic was the best Mother’s Day gift that my husband Pat and the kids could have given me!”
~Marion Welsh, West Point, Indiana

“Thank you so much for the fantastic job you did yesterday. We feel like we know where to go with our yearling now and we’re certainly happy about being able to work with these young horses without hurting them. You have a great operation founded on strong principles. We’ll keep you up to date on Bella’s progress. We’ll be taking cues from her but hope she continues to progress as quickly as she did yesterday.”
~Jim and Jennifer Dettmer, Huntington, Indiana www.dettmersrisingsun.com 

“Aside from the whole show ring aspect, it gave me some new ideas on how to make the transition to starting a horse under saddle easier and ways to teach them about self-carriage…something I hadn’t been able to figure out when dealing with a horse on the line. Instead I had always viewed that as a sign that I just needed to start riding to develop that aspect.

Mini clinics in May 2006. Robin is demonstrating with One Hot Superstar,
a 2005 Black AQHA Gelding by
One Hot Invitation



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