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How It Works:

1-You email us a link to a video clip showing the issue you want help with.  We study the video and make a plan of action.
2-Next we set up a mutually convenient time to view it together while on the phone with each other.  
We'll discuss how to fix or improve the issue.  
We'll give you a better understanding about why it's happening.  
We'll break it down into pieces so it's easy for you to understand then tell you how to overcome it.

Issues may range from advice on picking out an outfit to purchasing a horse to training issues.  If you don't see your subject below, just ask.

Potential Subjects:  


  • How competitive is my horse and at what level
  • Is my horse suitable for Hunter Under Saddle, Western Pleasure or something else

Presentation-Look like the winner before entering the ring

  • What color to wear with my horse
  • Should I buy this shirt
  • Proper fit for shirt, jeans & chaps
  • Current styles and trends
  • Hat shape and style
  • Boot styles
  • Makeover for horse and rider
  • Banding/Braiding
  • Tail switches

Under Saddle Equipment
Choosing and using the right equipment for work and/or show 

  • Saddles-size, fit, style
  • Girths-length, kind
  • Pads-work pad, show pads, under pads, color, style
  • Bridles-work, show, style
  • Reins-length, weight, kind
  • Bits-how they work, what to look for, what to avoid
  • Spurs & spur straps

What to take to a horse show
Setting up my tack stall at a horse show
How to properly hang up a bridle

Conformation & Movement     

  • Understanding what is desirable movement
    • Walk
    • Jog/Trot
    • Lope/Canter
  • Understanding modern pleasure horse conformation
  • Gait deviations & lameness issues (short stepping, etc)
    • Spotting them
    • Fixing them
  • Shoeing 
    • Improve cadence 
    • Manage club feet
    • Manage high/low feet

Under Saddle Training

  • Mechanics of the horse
  • Rhythm of the gates
  • Maintaining balance head to tail
  • Pivoting over the hindquarters
  • Turning on the forehand
  • Understanding leads
  • Getting the correct lead
  • Getting your horse's head level
  • Riding with your top line more natural without sacrificing movement
  • Rating your speed
  • Improving the jog
  • Show ring etiquette
  • Show ring problems

Longe Line Equipment

  • Work & show longe lines
    Training tools
    Show halters-fit, style, proper adjustment

Longe Line Training

  • Where to begin
  • How a horse learns
  • From pet to professional
  • Teaching whoa before you go
  • The walk
  • The jog/trot
  • The lope/canter
  • The reverse
  • The warm-up
  • Handling the whip
  • In the show ring-conformation presentation
  • In the show ring-on the end of the longe line
  • How to prevent problems 
  • How to fix problems 
  • Avoid longe line negativity

Horse care & husbandry

  • Loading/hauling problems
  • Stall manners
  • Stall walking or weaving
  • Problems with epiphysitis
  • Grooming and grooming tools
  • Feed & nutrition

Single Issue - $35.00  (Multi Issue Packages available)

Payment is due in advance and may be made by Check, Credit Card or PayPal.
US Currency...International fees may apply.

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