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Mini clinics in May 2006. Robin is demonstrating with One Hot Superstar,

a 2005 Black AQHA Gelding by One Hot Invitation


Q-I haven’t started my yearling yet. Will I still benefit from participating in the clinic or by taking lessons?

A-Yes, we start at the very beginning giving you the tools to teach your horse the basics before you start working them on the line.

Q-My yearling is very immature and I don’t want to stress his legs. Should I wait to start him with longe line?

A-Your horse doesn’t have to be big and mature to begin learning the basics. We teach a lot while just standing still and then continue with the walk, jog and lope in a building block fashion using discipline and building confidence. You will learn how to read your horse so you know how quickly or slowly to progress.

Q-My horse is very distracted and won’t pay attention to me. Will this program help that?

A-Absolutely! Your horse may look around a lot to begin with but this method teaches them to focus on you and their job and be happy about it.

Q-I don’t plan to show my yearling in longe line. Will my horse benefit from this program?

A-Yes, if you want a horse that is well mannered and respectful without being afraid then this program is for you.

Q-I plan to sell my horse as a yearling or coming two year old. How will this program benefit me?

A-Thanks to the internet the world has become much smaller. You’re not just selling your horse to people within driving distance to you anymore. Your market is literally around the world but not everyone will come to see your horse in person. When you advertise him for sale the first thing someone says is, “Do you have a video?” In order for an interested buyer to see what your horse’s potential is it’s important for them to see their movement and temperament. In order to make a good video, your horse needs to know something before you turn on the camera.

Q-I plan on offering my horse as a candidate for one of the big money slot classes. How will this program benefit me?

A-These days there are many opportunities for two year olds to win substantial prize money. The entry payments for these classes are due fairly early in the year. If you wait to start your horse as a two year old he will be much farther behind than one that has been through our Get Ready To Ride Program. You will know early on if he has the potential to be competitive at this level of competition.

Q-I don’t plan to show my yearling but want to start him under saddle as a two year old. How will this help my horse?

A-We have developed a ‘Get Ready to Ride’ program that is a step by step process to help teach your horse how to carry himself like a pleasure horse before dealing with the added weight of a rider. Once he learns this ‘Head Start Program’ and you begin riding him, he could be up to six months ahead of horses that have not had the benefit of this experience. Whether we get a yearling ready to show in longe line or intend to only show them under saddle as a two year old we put them through the same process always keeping their career under saddle in mind.

Q-Will this program help to get my horse in better physical condition?

Yes, this program slowly builds up your horse’s strength reducing the risk of injury or soreness when you begin riding him.

Q-My trainer says he would never want a horse that has been shown in yearling longe line. Shouldn’t I listen to him?

A-We agree that if not done properly, longe liners can learn some bad habits. People don’t always address the issues that come up along the way such as shouldering in, pushing their hip out, falling on the front end, etc. But horses can get messed up while being trained under saddle if it’s not done properly too. This program keeps longe liners aimed toward their career under saddle and prevents all the bad things they can learn if it’s not done properly. The trainers that get horses that have been in our program just love them because they are so much easier to go on with than those that have not.

Q-My horse is a coming three year old but hasn’t been started yet. Can this help him too?

A-Yes, this program benefits horses of any age that need to learn to carry themselves properly. Even older broke horses benefit from the consistency gained in the advanced part of the program.

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Yearling Head Start and Get Ready To Ride Program


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