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Learn how to train your horse for yearling longe line!

Many people don't know what to do with their yearlings from the time they're weaned to the time they're started under saddle so they don't do anything making life traumatic when things change so abruptly later on. With the dramatic increase in interest in yearling longe line, we offer a building block system that introduces each step in stages that's not harmful to young minds or legs easing the transition from baby to show horse. It's easy for both horse and handler to understand and doesn't involve over working your youngster. This is a very step by step program that is a sane approach to preparing them to show or market. Careful attention is given to not create problems on the ground that have to be corrected under saddle later.

  • Please note: Your horse does NOT need to be started in longe line prior to the clinics...Nor do they need to be big and strong to begin training. This is NOT a stressful program and begins teaching them at a stand still.


Learn to teach your horse to be a pleasure horse before you get on his back!

Whether you consider yourself a trainer or not, there's a lot you can teach your horse on the ground before you get on his back advancing him considerably without causing a lot of stress mentally or physically. Part Two of our Yearling Head Start Program shows you how to effectively prepare your horse for life under saddle so when it's time to ride him he's way ahead of the pack.

  • Please note: This clinic is for two or three year olds that are not already broke under saddle. It gives you the groundwork to help them make the transition from longe liner to riding horse. You do not have had to attend the longe line clinics to benefit from this program.


What Every Rider Should Know!
Gain an understanding of 'cause and effect' so you stop sabotaging yourself without knowing you're doing it.  This clinic teaches you how to gain control over all the parts of your horse's body through your hands and legs in a building block program from which every other area of training is based using the natural mechanics of the horse.  Whether your just starting out and need some direction, or if you've hit a road block and don't know what to do about it, this clinic will give you the skills necessary to go to the next level.  Each clinic varies depending on the questions and issues brought up but will improve your overall show ring abilities.  

-Please Note: This clinic is for horses of all ages and all levels of training. The younger ones need to be broke enough to ride around safely but don't need to know a lot.

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